Best Ways To Use The New Guided Missile In The Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games, the developers of the extremely popular game Fortnite have constantly added new content to the game, in an attempt to keep the experience fresh for a constantly growing player base.

Best Ways To Use The New Guided Missile In The Fortnite Battle Royale

Whether it’s new weapons, fancy skins for your paragliding when you arrive on the island or new dance moves for your character, there’s plenty of digital content for fans and, most importantly for Epic, they can spend their money on it.

The most popular game mode is the Battle Royal in which players fall unarmed on an island with 99 others, and must try to be the last living.

For this reason, new weapons are not blocked for each user, but placed on the map, and players must fight to find them.

The latest addition is the new’Guided Missile’ – which does more or less what it says on the box. Players can fire the missile, then manually control it to its desired destination.

Typically, this fate is another player’s body and its elimination. However, this is not the only way to use it.

Better ways to use the new guided missile

Save your teammates

There is nothing worse than getting down and completely stuck, so you can crawl to a safe place. However, as this incredible clip shows, a little luck and precision with the guided missile can save your bacon.

Roll it yourself

Just like your teammate who fires his rocket and provides you with an improvised means of transport, you can also build a guided missile. You can even build your own guided missile, as the TSM myth shows.

Unfortunately, you can’t guide the rocket while controlling your character, so it can be a little complicated.