Fortnite: The most popular video game among celebrities

When celebrities from all walks of life come home and want to enjoy their free time, many decide to turn on their console or computer, put on their headphones and spend some time in virtual entertainment.

The ability to play online means that many anonymous users can match up with the leading team’s footballer, the singer of the moment or the actor from the fashion series. In the world of sport they are more common and known, but it is not something exclusive to them.

In some of these, the user can find, with a bit of luck, some ‘celebrity’:

League of Legends

A modern classic. Few gamers are not familiar with the ‘battler royale’ par excellence, which marked a before and after in the eSports industry. With it, many of the current youtubers dedicated to video games became famous. Some have even taken this game as a basis for creating eSports teams.


The most popular of the moment. A Premier League player can still appear as an actor like Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself in the Star Wars saga. The Epic Games game has millions of users worldwide and its ease of use, colorfulness and playability have made it a must-have.

Counter Strike

By age, the oldest. The ultimate shooting and action game, with plenty of rooms and servers to play with friends or strangers. It is also one of the most popular games on the big screen, although the movies have nothing to do with its content.

Animal Crossing

It may be the most visually childlike and unrealistic, but its simple premise (a kind of ‘The Sims’, but with animals doing human activities) has hooked many. You’ve even seen business there, as the NBA entrance shows. Elijah Wood, the Frodo Baggins of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, is the latest to get hooked.


Who hasn’t played a game at FIFA with friends? Celebrities are also caught up in the EA Sports franchise, starting with the players themselves. From the Kun Aguero, whose live broadcasts are already being followed by hundreds of thousands of people, to the radically different Kiko Rivera.

iRacing, F1 2019, Gran Turismo…

Just like football games, car games serve as an escape route and mental training for professional drivers, but not only. Without racing, Formula 1 has organized a virtual championship in which, in addition to Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and company, other sportsmen and women participate, such as Thibaut Courtois, goalkeeper of Real Madrid, among others.

Fortnite: All week long 7 Challenges, Gnomes, Weapons and Trees Removed

With only four weeks to go before the end of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s third season, time is running out to rank your battle pass and reach level 100 to unlock the Reaper’s skin and more.

Fortunately, a new week means a new set of challenges and 50 new stars to help you fly through certain levels on your way to maximize all your loot. Let’s take a look at this week’s challenges.

Lonely Lodge Search Chest (7) – 5 Stars
There are actually quite a few chest spawns at Lonely Lodge, including the huge watchtower, the cabins surrounding it, and the large building of the lodge itself.

Distribute damage with shotguns to your opponents (1,000) – 5 Stars

This should be easy, since shotguns are a large part of Fortnite. All you have to do is become aggressive and press a few enemies and you will unlock it in no time.

Find a safe, an ammunition box and a delivery of supplies in one set (3) – 5 Stars

Another simple challenge, but it may require a little luck and cooperation with your teammates to allow you to do the honour of looking for them.

Look for the hidden dwarf in different named places (7) – 5 stars

If you hear a wild laugh at the bottom of a named place, you don’t lose your mind (probably). It’s probably a little dwarf hiding in a corner. Find them and take them for five more stars.

Fortnite All week long 7 Challenges, Gnomes, Weapons and Trees Removed

Fortnite In Them has earned $15 million in its first three weeks in the App Store

The success of Epic Games’ iOS Fortnite iOS has brought in more than $15 million in its first three weeks on the market, according to mobile analytics company Sensor Tower. According to the company’s latest report, Fortnite for iOS beats mobile gaming heavyweights like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go in terms of weekly revenues, earning $6.4 million over the past seven days, compared to $5.8 million for Candy Crush Saga.

Certainly, these games have all been released for years, with Candy Crush Saga now a six-year mobile game. But each game on this list has remained at the top of the App Store for years, and each has matured into massive and stable revenue generators. Fortnite, at least for the time being, is in the lead.

Unlike most mobile games, some of them allow you to pay money to advance in class. Fortnite only sells ridiculous costumes, dance animations and other cosmetic items, as well as a three-month subscription service for $9.99 called the Battle Pass.

And even if these Fortnite measures may seem catchy, they are not so surprising. The game is a global phenomenon due to a combination of intelligent synchronization, Epic’s free game model, and the growing and innate popularity of the battle royale genre.

The genre was popularized by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, from which Epic borrowed the central concept of 100 paratroopers on a desert island, the last person standing being the winner. But with Fortnite, a free game with a more accessible difficulty curve and more familiar and animated graphics, the genre really took off.

Fortnite In Them has earned $15 million in its first three weeks in the App Store

The mobile version of Fortnite is a success in part because it is an exact copy of the desktop and console versions of the game, allowing you to maintain your progress and cosmetic cache on all platforms.

That’s why players feel comfortable spending money on the mobile version of the game; all aspects of the game, emotes and other cosmetics go to PlayStation, Xbox and PC. PUBG also exists on iOS and Android in a surprisingly stable state – it is made by the Chinese game giant and technology Tencent – but progress is not moving to other platforms.

According to Sensor Tower, when Epic lifted the obstacle of inviting only Fortnite to iOS earlier this week, a mechanism the developer had maintained since the game’s launch on March 15, the company saw its mobile daily revenues triple from about $600,000 to $1.8 million.

Sensor Tower estimates that Fortnite has been downloaded 11 million times to mobile phones alone. According to Superdata Research, another game analysis company, Epic made about $126 million from Fortnite’s purchases in February. Mobile phone sales are expected to increase in the coming months.

Best Ways To Use The New Guided Missile In The Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games, the developers of the extremely popular game Fortnite have constantly added new content to the game, in an attempt to keep the experience fresh for a constantly growing player base.

Best Ways To Use The New Guided Missile In The Fortnite Battle Royale

Whether it’s new weapons, fancy skins for your paragliding when you arrive on the island or new dance moves for your character, there’s plenty of digital content for fans and, most importantly for Epic, they can spend their money on it.

The most popular game mode is the Battle Royal in which players fall unarmed on an island with 99 others, and must try to be the last living.

For this reason, new weapons are not blocked for each user, but placed on the map, and players must fight to find them.

The latest addition is the new’Guided Missile’ – which does more or less what it says on the box. Players can fire the missile, then manually control it to its desired destination.

Typically, this fate is another player’s body and its elimination. However, this is not the only way to use it.

Better ways to use the new guided missile

Save your teammates

There is nothing worse than getting down and completely stuck, so you can crawl to a safe place. However, as this incredible clip shows, a little luck and precision with the guided missile can save your bacon.

Roll it yourself

Just like your teammate who fires his rocket and provides you with an improvised means of transport, you can also build a guided missile. You can even build your own guided missile, as the TSM myth shows.

Unfortunately, you can’t guide the rocket while controlling your character, so it can be a little complicated.

Fortnite: Meeting the Challenges of Week 6

Fortnite Battle Royale has shaken the landscape, giving players many more rewards for their participation. Week 6 Challenges, in addition to new equipment such as backstrokes and skydiving effects, one of the main additions to the experience was the weekly challenge guide.

While players can still face the daily challenges, Battle Pass owners now receive a new set of seven weekly challenges that remain active throughout the season. Not only can players win 5 or 10 stars for each challenge, but completing four of the complete set for this week also unlocks 4,000 XP with PC.

fortnite meeting challenges week 6

The sixth week of the third season finally arrived yesterday and with it, a new series of seven challenges for Fornite players. As expected, the list contains some direct challenges, as well as some that are still a little enigmatic.

Reddit user thesquatingdog has collected a pretty useful cheat sheet of card tricks, listing the seven challenges and placing markers where players should be in order to complete the seven challenges of week 6.

For a little more detail on each of this week’s challenges, we have also compiled this comprehensive guide to all the challenges of Week 6.

How to Meet the Challenges of Week 6


This is probably the easiest in the group, as players only need to shoot and win 500 points of damage on enemy players with any SMG weapon.


Anarchy Acres is a large enough area at the top of the map with many barns and smaller structures to hide the chests. However, this is a challenge that may take a few games to complete. Open seven chests in Anarchy Acres to win the five stars.


The most difficult thing about this challenge is to find a comfortable campfire to use. The best chance of finding this object would be to loot treasure chests or drops of supplies. Note that to start a fire, players will first have to build a ground panel to place the object. with Android.


With this challenge, players must climb 10 different mountains around the map. Fortunately, there are many more than 10 to choose from, most of them on the left side of the map. Definitely take a look at the squad dog cheat sheet above for all locations.

Challenges Week 6


Every week, a treasure hunt is organized to complete all the difficult missions and week 6 is no different. This week, there are players trying to find a place between a metal bridge, three billboards and a crashed bus. As detailed as the map is, the description probably doesn’t help much.

For this challenge, players must look at the E7 quadrant, just west of Salty Springs. There is a small hill overlooking the bridge, so players must start destroying the tree to activate the giant battle star. The dog Quatingdog also highlights the area on his map with Nintendo Switch.


Considering that the game has just added a guided missile to the game, of course the weapon’s challenge this week is for explosives. Players have many choices, including grenades, rocket launchers, remote explosives, guided missiles and grenade launchers, to name a few.


This week’s localization challenge focuses on Retail Row. Although not as popular as inclined towers, Retail Row tends to see a lot of action during the start-up phase thanks to all the stores and buildings for looting items. The location is on the east side of the map, north of Moisty Mire and southwest of Lonely Lodge with iPhone iOS.