Fortnite: All week long 7 Challenges, Gnomes, Weapons and Trees Removed

With only four weeks to go before the end of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s third season, time is running out to rank your battle pass and reach level 100 to unlock the Reaper’s skin and more.

Fortunately, a new week means a new set of challenges and 50 new stars to help you fly through certain levels on your way to maximize all your loot. Let’s take a look at this week’s challenges.

Lonely Lodge Search Chest (7) – 5 Stars
There are actually quite a few chest spawns at Lonely Lodge, including the huge watchtower, the cabins surrounding it, and the large building of the lodge itself.

Distribute damage with shotguns to your opponents (1,000) – 5 Stars

This should be easy, since shotguns are a large part of Fortnite. All you have to do is become aggressive and press a few enemies and you will unlock it in no time.

Find a safe, an ammunition box and a delivery of supplies in one set (3) – 5 Stars

Another simple challenge, but it may require a little luck and cooperation with your teammates to allow you to do the honour of looking for them.

Look for the hidden dwarf in different named places (7) – 5 stars

If you hear a wild laugh at the bottom of a named place, you don’t lose your mind (probably). It’s probably a little dwarf hiding in a corner. Find them and take them for five more stars.

Fortnite All week long 7 Challenges, Gnomes, Weapons and Trees Removed