Fortnite Battle Royale: New Limited Mode With Friendly Fire And Respawn

The greatest development is undoubtedly the new LTM’Playground’, which acts as a practice mode in which players can build with unlimited materials and reappear.

There are also major changes in controller settings along the way, with many new configurations for construction and combat.

And they also revealed that other “time-limited products” such as the jetpack will soon be available.

You can read the full development status of Fortnite Battle Royale V5 below.

What’s new in the Fortnite community?

Let’s take a look at some of the things we’re working on behind the scenes!

We are looking for ways to make battles, construction and moving to Fortnite feel good in the controller. We have taken a first step with Builder Pro and their comments to create a better experience for console players who exchange between components.

We heard your comments about Builder Pro’s sense of inconsistency. Sometimes, after quickly switching to a component, it is not placed by pressing the button. Similarly, the Turbo Building may force you to let go and press again to start building again, making it unreliable. We have solved these problems and Builder Pro should be consistent.

In the update to version 4.3, we fixed several problems reported with the Build Turbo function, such as cancelling the construction when passing through the hatches or after pressing certain button combinations.

We have also accelerated the construction of the Turbo Building so that no gaps appear in your structures by pointing quickly. The first time you start building, it takes 0.15 seconds to do so, but each subsequent part is faster (0.05 seconds). Combined with Builder Pro, this gives you enough time to select a part and rotate or modify it before placing it.

When you play with a controller and use Edit mode to modify your buildings, the Viewing Wizard will drag your crosshairs to the nearest square. It will also try to limit its target to the part you are editing. We have heard that some players find this feature uncomfortable to play, so you can disable the target help of the edit mode in the v4.3 update.

For the future, we want to offer you the best experience on the console and that means giving you the options to play the way you want. We are studying how you can link actions to the buttons you prefer to use. In addition, we are studying other aspects such as the remapping of club axes. We don’t know when it will land, but we’ll give you more information once it’s fully tested!

We used the LTMs to take existing aspects of the game and try new things with them (for example, a legendary loot in Solid Gold or faster games in Blitz). We consider LTMs as a space that allows us to explore different aspects of the main gameplay (for example, creating resources) and do things that we would not normally do in standard playlists.

We have heard about your love for the 50v50 and we are evaluating the possibility of keeping a larger squad mode at all times for those who love this kind of fight the most!

We have taken the first step towards what could be a competitive playlist with Solo Showdown. Create a separate space for players who would like to compete for a prize while exploring what a competitive game could look like at Fortnite.

We presented the Jetpack this week as our time-limited article. Our goal is to introduce elements that change the gameplay in an important and unique way. We will closely monitor your comments and the data we collect.