Fortnite Warns Against Free V-Bucks Scams On Youtube

Like the vast majority of free games, Fornite offers in-game purchases. In this case, we have to pay them with V-Bucks: the virtual currency of the game that is purchased with real money.

As one of the most popular games of the moment, scams are becoming more and more common. Free V-Bucks scams have long been endemic and Epic Games has decided to address this issue in its Twitter account.

As we can see, tweet ensures that we are suspicious of scam pages that offer us this virtual currency for free or with some kind of discount.

On platforms like YouTube, there are many videos on the subject, and a search (done at the time of publication of this article) gives us more than 4.6 million results.

Epic Games points out in the security bulletin that “there are no free V-Bucks”, giving practical examples of the type of pages that host this scam:

“We have seen these pages, just like you. You click, enter your username, you may have to complete a survey with several questions and you will receive as many V-Bucks as you want. These pages are not real, they simply want your credentials to enter your account and send you fraudulent charges or advertising.

If you have fallen into the trap, you must change your password immediately.
Of course, Epic Games warns all users who have fallen into this scam, urging them to immediately change their account password.