The New Unpublished Skins Reach Fortnite Battle Royale V4.3.0

With the latest update of Fortnite Battle Royale, v.4.3.0, dataminers were busy searching the game’s archives and discovering new unpublished skins.

Epic Games continues its impressive content production, constantly adding new cosmetic items to the game, which already earns hundreds of millions each month.

And the player base loves it, with season 4 dropping a brand new skins game and even more with each update, Fortnite fans are ashamed of the richness when it comes to cosmetics and customization options.

With no sign of slowing down, more skins fled after the v.4.3.0 patch, including thieves, basketball players and what looks like skins inspired by superheroes.

The leaks come from the trusted TwoEpicBuddies source, which regularly filters new skins through data mining.

The information published so far does not yet specify the names or rarities of the skins, but this information should be published soon.

As with previous additions, some or all of these skins will only be available to combat pass holders, and can be unlocked at the end of the challenges – the weekly challenges for week 5 have been postponed to Thursday, May 31.